Delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

For all international order delivery fee is standard $35 for 3 – 5 days shipping to any location worldwide.

Overnight orders available for all orders within the US .
Charge : $50

Do you provide tracking ?

All orders are shipped from our main Branch in US using either Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL, EMS and Post Office depending on buyers location and desire. will NEVER have to sign for a package from me. Yes I deliver to P.O boxes. I do not generally provide tracking information for security reasons.

How can I track my package ?

We work with several delivery services in wish tracking numbers are available upon Payment and registration of packages at the Pacific global shipping line , UPS, USPS, DHL, EMS and Post Office delivery company. We are working real good to make you receive your order with couriers above .

What is your return/refund policy ?

For obvious reasons we do not accept returns. However, when you see the quality of the product you will not want to return it! If your package does not arrive within 5 days of payment, write to us and we will check the tracking records to see if it was delivered. If the package was not delivered due to issues we will resend or give you a refund. If it just gets “lost in the mail” then we will reship. If the package was delivered, we will give you the delivery confirmation code so you can see for yourself it was delivered, but no refund. It could be it was intercepted by a family member or roommate and we have no control over that. Also if it was not delivered due to a customer giving a faulty address there will be no refund.

Is your packaging discrete ?

Is your packaging discrete ?Very discrete and professional. We believe that the right to personal privacy is our most sacred right and we do everything we can to protect yours. Shipped orders arrive in a clean, professional brown box with a shipping label from “Space Brain”. There are no markings on the box, and the courier delivering it does not know the contents of your package, and does not work for Meds Marijuana For Patients Ltd directly. Same-day orders are delivered by Meds Marijuana For Patients Ltd personnel, but they do not know the contents of your order. That’s your business.

Is it really safe to order from you ?

Through various high tech security precautions, we have created a system where the risk to you is minimal. In my opinion, mail order is safer than buying from a dealer and driving home with the contraband in your car. Your package will look like an ordinary package so who’s to know what’s in it? Please see the security page for more information on my security system.


What payment options do you accept

We do not accept any other payment methods besides what is listed below PayPal
Cash app, Zelle, Apple pay, Venmo,Bitcoin. Please don’t write to us to ask!

What is wishlist?

Wish lists are collections of desired products saved by our customers to their user account, signifying interest without immediate intent to purchase. Offering wish lists is an effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and fulfill sales from customers who showed intent but didn’t end up purchasing.

What should I do if I receive a damaged or wrong product?

For damaged or wrong products received you will be given full refunds or we reship the products. All cost on US.

Can I change or cancel my order?

You can cancel your order anytime before deliver. You can also cancel your order if payment has not been made

How can know the status my orders?

You can know the status of your order on our website HERE

No. Our policies are very clear on the web site and we don’t make exceptions to them so please don’t ask.